Saturday, July 18, 2009

-Summer Time-

Sometimes I wish I had a cool hobby that I could blog about. Infact-sometimes I just wish my life was interesting enough to blog about. Then I remember-that it actually is. I have had a lot of time this summer to do-well, whatever I want. I'm really thankful for this time of year. It brings with it so many good things. Like-empty star filled skies-swimming pools-flip flops-and warm summer evenings where I can lay back and watch the sunset from a random mountain side. As well as about a million other interesting things to waste your time on. I've had the chance to read a little this summer. Good books are kind of hard to find in this day and age I think. Honestly-I have a hard time finding something good enough to catch my attention-and hold it for up to 500+ pages. Alas-I continue to read like it is going out of style, searching for that book that's gonna do it for me. I've also jumped back onto the music scene of life. I'm not gonne lie-that has been good for me. I've found recently that there is a lot of music that in a sense has been "resurrected" for me from my childhood. Thank goodness for bands that are stalwart-and hang in there no matter who likes them. Being out of the loop for media products for a year and a half-while serving a mission for my church-will make you appreciate all that you have more than anything. I'm finally starting to get a handle on my life once again. You would think that after being home for 6 months-back to "normal" life-it would be "normal" again. Let me tell you my friends-it isn't. I'm hanging in there and making it work one day at a time. I've picked up a few new hobbies since being home. My favorite being rugby. I have to agree with the kid from the movie "Forever Strong." "Soccer is for kids-football is for wussies-rugby is for men (or in this case, women.)" It is most definetly the most intense game I've ever played-including another of my favorites-hockey. You can find me most nights at the park playing rugby with all the Poly kids. I should have been born brown-that is for sure. Too bad I wasn't. I can wish though, right? I am also still playing massive amounts of the guitar. Not as much as I would like to-not by far-but I am still playing. Which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. And I still find time to go play basketball with the local kids most days. Longboarding-rollerblading-and playing softball all come into that as well. By the end of the week I'm usually pretty sore-but it is a good sore. The sore you long for sometimes. The one that you know you've done something-and you feel good about it. So summer has been good so far. There's about month and a half left of the goodnesss-and I'm hoping that I can enjoy it. If anybody's got any good books out there-or good music for that matter-send it my way. It will be greatly appreciated-I promise.